Spring Date Ideas

Okay, I need to start thinking of warm places because its mid-April and we had snow on Monday. Ugh. I thought we were done with this.

To help with the late winter blues, I started coming up with Spring Date ideas. I’m hoping to check a few of these off myself over the next few weeks while we’re heading, slowly but surely, into summer. I’ve tried to break down these ideas by pricing as shown below:

$= Low cost
$$= Okay cost
$$$= Expensive

Lets get into it!


Tim and I love being outdoors. One of our favorite weekend activities is to go hiking and then find a cool local restaurant or shop to check out. It’s a great way to be out in nature and then to support local businesses. A few weeks ago, we went hiking down in Niantic, CT and then stopped at a middle eastern restaurant for dinner (they had the nicest staff!) and spent three hours in the Book Barn looking through all of their used books. Honestly, we were there until closing. We were the last car there. To help inspire my fellow outdoorsy couples, here are some nature themed dates!

Hike and Paint: $

If you’re artistic and and love going hiking, this could be a great date day. Pick your favorite trail and pack up your watercolors (or other paints/sketching materials)! Once you find a good spot on the trail, get comfortable and start painting! If you don’t already have the supplies needed, hit up your local Michael’s!


Watercolor Paint Palette, $5
Paint Brushes, $5 for 10
Paper of your choice

Backpacking Weekend: $-$$

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try backpacking! Find a trail that could take a few hours or a day and head into the woods for the weekend. Pack up just the basics and get ready for a challenge. You may need stock up on supplies if you don’t have them on hand. Luckily there is plenty of supplies options on Amazon for reasonable prices. Make sure that you know your personal limits before you head out on this date.

Basic Supplies: 

Sleeping bag and pad
Backpacking pack

State Park Checklist

If you live in an area near a lot of state or national parks, try to hit all of them! Spend the spring checking off at least one every weekend. I know in my area, some of the parks are free or have free parking while others have entrance fees that go towards maintenance and up keep. Going during the spring may prove to be the best choice since you’ll beat the summer crowds!

City Slicker

Not everyone wants to spend the weekend in the woods. Some people want to head into the city and explore the urban jungle.

Smart Destinations: $-$$

Most major cities have this awesome attractions pass from Smart Destinations. Pick your city (or a city your visiting!) and pick out some attractions. If you’re staying in the city you live in, be a tourist at home. If you’re visiting somewhere new, pick some of the most interesting options! Smart Destinations lets you pick from pre-selected options and build your own pass. These passes can help you cut the line and save some cash when it comes to these attractions.


It is festival and concert season. Well, the start of it. Time to start hitting those shows!

Concert Goers

First, check if your favorite bands are coming to town. If the answer is yes and you can afford the tickets, it is show time! Hit up a show with your SO. Make it a special night. Dress up, go out for dinner or drinks before the show, and have fun! I’ll be crossing this one off next week when Tim and I head to the Matt and Kim show in New Haven.

No Place Like Broadway

If you live in an area with a local theater, head out for a night of theater. See a play or musical that you’ll both love. This one might be a night of compromises if one of you isn’t into theater but it can be a good time no matter what. If you’re looking for a show that he’ll like or that you’ll both like, look for shows like Book of Mormon or the always popular Wicked.

So… maybe these aren’t spring specific. Who cares! Pick your favorites or come up with your own dates! Make sure to share in the comments.


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