2018 Goals Check In

With Spring finally beginning to, well, spring, now seemed like the perfect time to do a goals check in. In my Welcome 2018 post in January, I outlined some of my goals and resolutions for the year– noting how I’m not big into that stuff. Today is check in day. Oh boy…

1. Read 10-12 Books

I’m actually doing really well at this goal so far! I’m on book number seven at the moment which puts me well ahead of where I thought I would be by now! You can read follow my progress on my Book Shelf Page.

2. Cook More

This one is harder than it should be because I live with my parents. My dad cooks dinner for all of us most nights so I don’t usually get the chance, even if I offer. I don’t have time for breakfast. I do try and do meal prep once a week and make lunches to bring in. That is about the extent of my cooking though…

3. Budget, Budget, Budget

So so. That is all I can see about this one. I haven’t written one out but I have been doing much better when it comes to cutting down on my spending. Could still improve though.

4. Make Healthier Options

Check back in on that one…. I exercise. Sometimes.

5. Grow Stronger Relationships

I think that this one is going well! I’ve been seeing people more often (I think…). Could always keep working on it though.


How are your goals going?


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