Here We Go Again: Nor’easter #4

Here we go again.

If you’re from New England, you know that winter can last long past the first day of spring. Having snow and freezing temperatures is normal well into April. It doesn’t mean that we tough New Englanders like this weather, we can just tolerate it. Although, each of these storms has me looking more and more for cheap places to move to in warmer climates.

With today bringing yet another nor’easter, I wanted to share my inspiration for warm thoughts this snowy day. These are the songs and videos that I’ve been turning to while thinking of being outside in 70 degree temperatures. Especially while I’m rescheduling meetings for a snow date….

First, a classic: Island In the Sun by Weezer

You can’t go wrong when you’re on an island in the sun!

Next, I’m taking my time on my Ride by Twenty One Pilots.

The video might seem more autumnal but this is definitely a summer time jam.

Time for a song. Hunter Hunted has been on my radar for a few years now since I saw them open for Twenty One Pilots. Float has become a song that makes me think of warmer days.

Mac DeMarco’s My Kind of Woman conjures up visions of lazy days on the beach with my favorite guy and just enjoying the sun.

These are just a few of the songs that I’ve been keeping me sane during all of these snow storms. Now keep your fingers crossed that today’s nor’easter won’t be that bad!


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