Monday Morning Pump Up

Last week was my hell week. It was the week where I got way less sleep than usual and was more busy than usual. Not only did I have my usual work schedule but I was volunteering as an alumni ambassador for my university’s two local admitted students events, I had meetings, and I convinced myself I could go out with friends after having been up since 5am for a History Day competition. It was a hell of a week. This week is only slightly better as far as business goes. So, to keep it simple today, here is my Monday Morning Pump Up Playlist! Enjoy!

You’ve Got Something by The Jungle Giants– I like to start my morning soft and slow. That’s the best way to describe any morning for me. I have a gentle alarm to wake up to that I’m usually up before. What I like about this song for my Monday playlist is that it starts on the softer side and then builds. Just like my Mondays.

Boss by Bear Hands– Again, I like my Monday playlist to start soft and then build. Plus, who doesn’t want to be the girl boss? I mean, to be fair this song isn’t about girl bosses but still. It talks about the one person who is good at giving advice and everything else and the person singing isn’t as good at those things. As a plus, this song is very catchy.

Bad Thoughts by Rome Hero Foxes– This is the first song on my playlist that doesn’t start off quiet. You get that strong guitar right away. Yet, the song itself does still have that soft element. It isn’t super loud and harsh. It is just right. I think you can really see how I need my mornings to start with just these first few songs.

…Ready For It? by Taylor Swift– Full disclosure, I think that Reputation is a garbage album for the most part. I would not consider myself a Swift fan but I will say that she knows how to make a god damn catchy song. Anyways, this song is where I start moving into driving to work and need more of a real pump up. I need songs that I can sing/dance along to in the car while I’m waking up before getting to the office. I must look like a crazy person but whatever.

Hello Sunshine (feat. Memoir) by Dena Deadly–  I love those songs that make your brain picture your life as a movie. Soundtrack songs are some of my favorites, which you’ll be able to see in a post later this week! Anyways, this is just the perfect morning song– especially if it is a sunny morning!

Kamikaze by WALK THE MOON- This is one of those songs that I just wanna sing to, making it perfect for my morning wake up playlist. You can definitely see me jamming out to this song in the car while driving to work.

Goodbye by Echosmith– Again, this is another song that I’ll just sing while driving. I’ve loved this song since it was first released and it just have such a happy tone to it while being about goodbyes.

Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey) by Macklemore– This song got stuck in my head during the Winter Olympics in February. I usually start my morning by watching the local NBC affiliate just to see what is happening in the world  and to know what the weather is. I love this song as a morning wake up jam because it has that pump up feel and, again, it has that soundtrack sound to it.

Come Out to LA by DON BROCO- This is probably the most “harsh” song in my morning playlist but I need it. Sometimes you just need that one song as a final push to wake up before walking into the office or before getting onto the bus to work. Plus this song is currently serving as a small reminder that I’m headed to LA in about seven more weeks. Can’t wait!

Come Hang Out by AJR- To round out this playlist I have a song that matches my current life feeling– in one way or another. Plus, it is working as a call out to Friday. Ugh, can’t be here soon enough. This is definitely another jam that you’ll see me singing and dancing to in my car.

You can listen to the whole playlist here. What songs are on your Monday Morning playlist?


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