Short Term Goals & Looking Forward

With spring looming, now seemed like the perfect time to set some short term goals and to start getting excited about what’s coming up for me in the next few months. While trying to follow these goals, I’ll still be following the goals that I set for myself back in January but I’ll be adding to them here. Or just working on creating some focus to meet those goals. Lets see if these help me with some mental spring cleaning!

Travel More

This one will be difficult since I work full time and have other things I need to pay for (stupid student loans!). Luckily, I have at least one trip to look forward to in May! I’ll get to work on this short term goal while taking a long weekend in California to visit my best friend, Bree. Can’t wait to be in the warm California sun in just two months! Plus I get to see my bestie in her new stomping grounds!


My best friend, Bree, and me on Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod during Summer 2014. Can’t wait to hit the beaches in Cali and not freeze to death in the water even though it’s summer!

Write More

I always say that I’m going to do more writing and then don’t even though I love writing. To meet this goal, you’ll be (hopefully) seeing a lot more posts here on the blog. This, of course, means that there will be a change in my typical Saturday posting schedule but in the end, this blog is for me. All of those who read what I have to write are just bonuses.

Hike More

This has been a brutally long winter. I was able to get in a few hikes or even short walks but they’re hard when it is -5 with windchill. Now that it should be warming up, it is time to hit the hills and get in some much needed time outdoors on on the trails. I might even need to take a small road trip to try out some new trails!



Hiking The Flume in the White Mountains, New Hampshire during Summer 2017.

Take More Photos

I love photography. I love taking pictures. I love going through old pictures over and over again. I’m that twenty something that keeps a scrapbook of my favorite photos and moments from the year to look back on later. While my friends tell me that I take a lot of photos already, I want to take more. Along with that, I want to take better photos as well.


These are all pretty simple and very connected goals. Each of them can play into each other quite nicely. I can travel to do some hiking, take pictures on that hike, and then write about it! See, perfect. Lets just hope that I can actually figure out away to measure personal growth with these goals and complete them in some way.

What are your goals for the spring? Share in the comments or tweet me at @SamiGorski!



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