February Favorites

February may be the shortest month of the year but it brought in all sorts of new favorites and things to try out. Not to mention the occurrence of a few old favorites too. Lets get into them!


Canva– I’ve talked about this app before and it is still one of my favorites. It is great for making graphics for the blog or Instagram on the go! The only downside is that if you don’t have an image you want to use on your phone from the web version, you won’t have access to it on the app. Bummer.


Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Dreamer, Seductress and Ruler– Holy. Shit. This is my new holy grail lip product. A friend recommended that I try out this lip product and I was not disappointed. If you wear a lipstick, you’re goal is to not have to keep reapplying it every ten minutes or after every sip of a drink you take. No one wants to do that. With this product, it lasts longer than the Lipsense liquid lipstick and doesn’t have the burning and multiple steps. Oh, and it is a fraction of the price! The Matte Ink comes in at $7.99 (although online the prices vary) and in twenty shades. This stuff does not budge and lasts all day and all night and through everything– trust me! I tried it on a lot of food and drinks and, not to mention, some Valentine’s Day smooches. The only draw back to this product is that it is a bit sticky but even that isn’t too bad. Oh, the applicator does kind of suck. It’s a weird tear drop shape with a hole in the middle. You can work with it but it is definitely not the best I’ve ever used. Overall though, this is an amazing lip product! Oh! Be weary of the red (Pioneer) while it doesn’t bleed all over your face, it may transfer onto your date if you go in for a kiss!



This month my goal was to try and listen to more new releases. I tend to listen to music that has been out for a while and while that is fine, I wanted to see what’s new in the music scene. Of course, this month’s favorite music includes artists who have made the list before but includes their new singles or albums.

Sick Boy (Single) (2018) by The Chainsmokers– I honestly couldn’t figure out what it was about this song that I liked so much. It is definitely one of those songs that seeps into your head and next thing you know you’re humming it or singing it to yourself. It then hit me that The Chainsmokers took the Twenty One Pilots formula and created a song that Tyler and Josh could have easily created. That isn’t to take away from Alex and Andrew’s creativity or anything or the message of the song. It’s still a good song.

Listen Further: Closer (single, 2016), All We Know (single, 2016)

My! My! My! (Single) (2018) by Troye Sivan– There is something about this song that sounds new and old at the same time and I love it. If you watched Troye’s Saturday Night Live performance of this song a few weeks ago, maybe you got that feel too. Although everything about that performance came off as a bit old school. This is another one of those catchy songs that just gets stuck in your head though. I have to say that’s a bit of a trend with this month’s list.

Listen Further: Bite, Youth, Lost Boy from Blue Neighborhood (2015)

Sister Cities (Single) (2018) by The Wonder Years– Holy moly. This song is the first single off of The Wonder Years’ latest record coming out April 6. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. I can not wait to listen to this whole album!


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