A Letter to My Boyfriend

This past week, my boyfriend and I reached one year together. It has been an incredible year that neither of us saw coming. For me, I wasn’t looking for anything when I first met him. I had just ended a three year long relationship and knew that I needed to give myself some time. And then I met Tim. We hit it off immediately and have been going pretty strong ever since. To celebrate this one year anniversary, I wanted to write a little letter (not that he normally reads my blog but oh well!).


Happy one year!

We have truly had an incredible time together. It still surprises me how lucky I was to find you. Tinder is always a mess, as we both know, but there was something different about you from the start. In that week where we were just texting or messaging each other, we talked about history and travel and had deeper conversations than what you usually have on dating apps. When we finally met that Friday night, I have to say I was nervous. You calmed my nerves though and I pretty quickly felt comfortable with you. You probably saw that since I started spilling out to you with some of my smaller secrets.

From our first kiss I knew that this could be something special. We spent the next week together. We did something different every day. Things stayed good even when we weren’t seeing each other every day. Those weekday dates have become some of my favorite moments from the past year. As I told you a few weeks ago, it was so nice getting to have lunches together on work days. It was the perfect pick me up in an otherwise dull day. If only we could do those more!

From those lunches, we grew into a pair of adventures– which is one of my favorite things about us. After only two weeks of knowing each other, you joined me for a weekend of driving to southern New Hampshire and home for back to back hockey nights. We went camping and hiking and were very outdoorsy. We made a lot of memories in a short amount of time. You pushed me to try my hardest and be my best and for that I will always be grateful.

Tim, you made me realize that I had been sacrificing so much before you. I wasn’t getting to be myself before. I was lining myself up for a life of just accepting things the way they were. I wasn’t pushing back because I was afraid of what would happen if I did. You have helped me to try and better myself. You have made me remember who I am. You helped me realize that I don’t have to give up friends or my desire to travel. Most of the time you’ll even do it with me.

We may not be the perfect couple but we don’t have to be. Perfect is boring. We have our flaws. We have our issues. Most of the time though, we are happy. We try our best to make this work. We talk through everything. We rock the boat when it needs to be rocked. We have a trust that can be envied. We are just us and that is all I can ask for. Plus you’ve made me incredibly happy over the last year. Happier than I thought I could be a year ago.

And with all of that and so much more I can say,

I like you and I love you.



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