Hockey Night

So, believe it or not, I really love hockey. Hockey is my favorite sport. With my old job from college, the best working nights were the nights that I go to cover the games. Although, I will say, there were definitely challenging nights where I’d be running back and forth from the The Whitt (home to UNH Hockey) and Lundholm (the gym where the basketball team and others play) to cover multiple games (shout out to the UNH Volleyball team!). It was always great though. My love for (especially) college hockey hasn’t diminished since graduating either. In fact, Tim and my first weekend getaway together was to go to a UNH hockey game in Durham. They were playing UConn (his school) so we made a weekend of going to both games and driving back and forth from Connecticut to New Hampshire in back. This year, we decided to stick close to home and just go to the game in Hartford.

Screenshot 2017-12-10 at 8.06.47 PM

From last year. Night two of our hockey weekend at the XL Center in Hartford.

Hockey dates are always the best but there’s a little bit of extra fun when you’re not supporting the same team. Having gone to different colleges, we get a little rivalry going when we go to games. This year, we decided to make a little competition out of the UNH vs. UConn game. If my school won, I would get whatever I wanted. If his school won, he would get whatever he wanted. If it was a tie, well… that’s between us.

Screenshot 2018-01-29 at 7.37.13 PM.png

The UNH line up. We were one row up from their bench, which was perfect for me!

With Saturday’s game being a 3:35pm puck drop, we decided to go from the game to dinner. We could just take the bus downtown and not have to worry about parking and then head straight to dinner after without fighting traffic. One of the newer events that our local arena added this season was a pre-game happy hour with $2 beers and $5 appetizers. Sounds much better than the $9 beers at the concession stands. Too bad we never found the cheaper beers.

Once we grabbed a couple of beers and some fries, we went and found our seats– right behind the UNH bench! Perfect. What made our seats even better was that our entire row was almost entirely UNH fans. Take that, Tim! Of course we were otherwise surrounded by UConn fans but still. You could find quite a few University of New Hampshire fans scattered around the arena.

Date night turned into a lot of taunting each other and talking with the other people around us. As always, even though my team lost, we had a lot of fun. We wrapped up the night with a post game happy hour at our favorite Mediterranean place– I bought most of dinner and the hookah since I lost our bet. If you’re ever in West Hartford, CT, I highly recommend Shish Kebab House of Afghanistan. They’re happy hour deals are incredible and the food and drinks are all fantastic.

Tell me about your favorite date nights in the comments!




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