New Year’s Eve: Party Into 2018

Happy New Year!

This year, my friends and I went to Mohegan Sun for one of their New Year’s celebrations. We had done this last year but had no real plan. We stayed at one of my friend’s houses, dressed up for the casino, and had plenty of fun playing slots for the first time and going out for dinner and drinks. This year, we went for round two. The difference being that we went to one of the actual parties this year at the Uncas Ballroom.

mohegansun new years.jpg

Source: Mohegan Sun Facebook

So let me tell you a little bit about the parties at Mohegan Sun for New Year’s. You always have a few options to choose from. There’s a free party in the center of the casino every year. This is what my friends and I did last year and it was a lot of fun and it was free. There’s a DJ and they have screens up to watch the broadcasts from Time Square in New York City. There are also parties at the night clubs (Avalon, Mist, and Vista) along with some of the restaurants. For this New Year’s we went to the Ballroom for their Party into the New Year Party.

For this option, it is a pricey ticket. For $125 you get entrance into the ballroom, an open bar, breakfast buffet starting at midnight, a champagne toast, and more. It seemed worth it since, with dinner, we probably would have spend $125 that night anyways.


We got to the party a little late but that just meant there was no line by the time we entered the ballroom. We each got the signature drink of the night, The Flapper (vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice) and made our way into the club area. This room was GORGEOUS. It was dripping with crystals, there were projection screens everywhere, cage dancers. Mohegan really went the whole nine yards. There were even new year’s hats and crowns to put on scattered around the dance floor area.

IMG_7327After getting our drinks and scoping out the place, we made out way to the dance floor for a bit (although I will say that 1) I get very awkward dancing and 2) I made a horrible shoe choice that had me limping by about this point). We danced and got more drinks and then made sure we were at the center of the room before midnight.


For the countdown to midnight, everyone was dancing and having a good time when the DJ switched suddenly into the countdown AND was off by about a minute or so. It was very awkward and seemed to throw the whole room off. Whatever. It was a great way to start the new year!


Source: Sean Patrick Fowler, CTNow

At this point, it was time for the breakfast buffet to come out. I went to find a place to rest my poor feet while some other friends went to stock up on bacon and eggs. The whole room smelled so good.

By this point, I was itching to hit some slot machines– I was feeling lucky and maybe a bit cocky. Our group of four split up for a little bit with the two sisters heading back to the dance floor and the rest head off to the penny slots. Now, I’m the kind of gambler where I have no method to my madness. I give myself a limit ($60 for New Year’s) and then just hit buttons until I’m usually out of money. I ended up making almost $200 from $10. Nice. That more than paid for the night, which is all you want when you gamble at Mohegan. Especially if it is just for fun.

With a nice crisp hundred dollar bill in my purse and in my friend’s, it was time to head back in and wrap up the night. By 2am, the party had pretty much wined down to just forty year olds (oddly enough) and we were all starting to crash– thanks heels!

These nights out at the casino to ring in the new year are becoming a favorite tradition of mine. I can’t wait for next year’s now! Although lets get through 2018 first!

Happy New Year!



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