Blizzard!: Making the Most of A Snow Day

Pop up post!

Here in Connecticut today we are getting hammered with a major blizzard. Schools are closed. Non-essential staff members were told not to come in. It’s a good, old fashioned snow day for everyone!


Being an adult, snow days aren’t as fun. I’m working from home instead of sledding like I would have as a kid . Doesn’t mean that I can’t make the most of today though!

One of my favorite things about snow days is getting to make a big breakfast. I rarely have time to enjoy something before work so days like this are special. Since the whole family is hope, we all worked together to make some blueberry pancakes, hash browns, and sausage.

While enjoying a home cooked meal, I was getting some work done for my job so that later on I could just relax. I don’t know what you guys like to do on snow days but I’m planning on working on some blog posts and watching a movie with some popcorn! Or maybe even some chips and queso! Yum!

Until then, it’s back to work!

Happy snow day!



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