Blogmas Day 23: Hot Chocolate Inspiration

On a snowy day, there is nothing better than sitting around with a nice mug of your favorite hot chocolate. Here in Connecticut, we’ve been having some wet wintery weather which is perfect for a day of watching movies and hot coco. Especially when you’ve been baking cookies all day!


Today I decided to make two different hot chocolates for my brother and I. For my brother, I made a mint chocolate cup. For myself, I went with a chocolate supreme. To get started, I heated up some milk on the stove with some regular swiss miss hot chocolate mix. You can pick your favorite mix or concoction for your drink. Once everything was warmed up and well mixed, I separated the base into two mugs.

I added the mint chocolate mix in along with a dash of peppermint extract. With everything combined, it was time to get creative!


For my hot chocolate, I added the chocolate supreme mix along with some melted chocolate to really boost up the flavor. I combined everything and then covered the top with, you guessed it, more chocolate.


What are you favorite hot chocolate concoctions? Share in the comments!


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