Blogmas Day 22: Family Time

With it being the Friday before Christmas, the family was in full prep mode by the time I got home from work. We’ve been baking cookies for the majority of the afternoon, leading to some quality family time. As the evening wears on though, we’ve started getting into some of our favorite drinks and playing games while our dog acts super cute. For today’s blogmas, here are some gratuitous photos of my dog, Fluff. I’m going to head back to playing Heads Up! with the family!


I don’t know how he was sleeping through all of us laughing so loud as my brother did the accents deck of Heads Up! and my mom had to guess.


Now let me tell you a little bit about this little guy. Fluff is our fifteen year old toy poodle– who we are pretty sure is part Chihuahua. We’ve had him since 2005. Fluff followed me home from school and was a well known stray in our old neighborhood. Now, when I brought him home, we weren’t originally going to keep him. We had just lost our lab, Molly, to cancer and weren’t ready to commit to a new dog yet. This little guy convinced us in a couple of hours to keep him. All with one action: airplane ears. He can make his ears stand straight out so that his ears look like airplane wings. Any ways, all these years later, he is still with us. He walks with us three to five miles every day, pulling the whole way. He has a bunch of his own clothes. Fluff is just the cutest.


For Christmas, Fluff here is already with multiple outfits to choose from. He has this ugly Christmas sweater, three Santa suits, and a Christmas bow tie. The pup is ready to go.


Happy Friday, everyone!


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