Blogmas Day 18: How to Relax for the Holidays

Does anyone else struggle with trying to relax during the holidays. At my house, we host Christmas so the week, if not weeks, leading up to Christmas are an insane couple of weeks. I tried to get ahead of the craziness and keep Blogmas going by pre-writing a lot of my posts ahead of time (which you can read about here) but now, at Day 18, all of my posts are written night before or day of. On top of that I have a full time job, a commute, and tons of Christmas prep still to do. So, here is how I’m trying to relax before the holiday plunge!

Netflix and Chill

When I can, I’ve been catching up on my Netflix watch list. I’m fully caught up on Season 2 of the Crown (which I have LOTS of feelings about) and I started watching the Clone Wars animated series. I know it is for kids but it has been recommended to me a lot lately. I make a bowl of pop corn or grab a few pieces of Christmas candy along with some kind of drink and settle in for a little while. Time to let these stories take me away…


Much like with Netflix binging, I’ve been trying to read and escape into a story as a way to relax. There have been a lot of, what I like to call, bubble gum for the brain books passing through my bookshelf lately. Most recently I picked up a high school favorite, Anna and the French Kiss. Currently, The Crown is sitting on my nightstand next to What Happened and Unbelievable. Looks like my next few books are gonna be realistic nail bitters!


Living in New England, trying to get outside this time of year can be a challenge. We have about two inches of snow on the ground and it is freezing outside. Plus it is cold by the time I get home from work. When I can though, I try and go for a walk. My mom and I take our dog walking every day during the summer and try to keep that going during the entire year. This time of year, it can be hard to get out for a walk but it is definitely worth it. Getting to walk around our neighborhood is like walking through a winter wonderland! Quite a few of the houses go all out with the Christmas lights and displays making for a magical stroll.

Simple and easy to do, these are my three big ways to relax during the holidays. What do you do? What shows are you watching or books are you reading? Let me know in the comments!


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