Blogmas Day 15: Keeping Up with Blogmas

Blogmas is one of the most difficult blog trends of the year, every year. On my past blogs I’ve always ended up giving up after a few days because I just couldn’t keep up with writing and school work and a job and life. Twenty five days of blogs is just a challenge. But that is the point at the end. So, as my Day 15 gift you, here are some tips on how to survive Blogmas.


So you’ve decided you want to blog for the entire month of December. Or at least until Christmas. First, let me tell you that you’re crazy. Second, good luck. Since you’ve decided to do this, the first thing you absolutely need to do get organized and create a schedule for yourself. Figure out what works for you and then do it. Start as early as you can too. For most bloggers, deciding to do Blogmas the last week of November is way too late to start. But that’s what I did. I made sure that once I committed to it though that I was gonna stay ahead.

To do that, I started off by coming up with a list of what my day to day posts were going to be. I looked through dozens of past Blogmases by other bloggers to get some ideas. I picked my favorites and then created some of my own topics as well. Once I had this list all set, I sat down with my editorial planner in my Google Drive and got to work planning and scheduling. With everything planned here, I then took out my physical planner and wrote down the publishing dates and when to write each post.

Having everything written down created a schedule and deadlines for myself on when everything needs to be done.


Get Ahead

The best thing you can do for your Blogmas posts is write them before December 1st. Or at least some of them. Since I have my editorial scheduler, I just went down the list and figured out which posts I could write in advance and schedule out early. I even consider what posts to write when based on my scheduled. This post for instance, I’m writing on November 29th: two weeks ahead of time. I know that the next few weekends will be busy for me so I’m getting quite a bit of writing down while I have time this week. While I’m writing this post, I already have ten Blogmas posts already scheduled and ready to go which helps make this a lot easier. 

Starting to write, edit, and schedule your Blogmas posts weeks in advance will set you up for success. It also means when something suddenly comes up, you are all set because your post for that day is already written. I know, based on the topics I’m working on, the only posts that I can’t prewrite weeks ahead are the ones where I’m traveling or am doing a craft. All that means though is that I have a tighter turn around time for those posts though.


Writer’s Block and Fatigue

Writer’s block and fatigue are a real thing and a real problem. This is why scheduling is so important. You want to make sure you are getting posts done ahead of time but also are making sure to give yourself some breaks too. Some people can write for days and days and be fine, others can’t. You can lose track of what you’re writing or just get bored and not want to do it any more. And that is okay. Take a break when you need it and head back into the blog later.

If you find yourself getting tired or experiencing writer’s block, work on something else for a while. Try finding images for your posts or creating the featured image for it! I love working on Canva to create the images I’ll use to promote my latest post on instagram, twitter, pinterest, and facebook. It makes life so easy. Also, if you’re looking for a place with no royalty images you use, check out Pexels! This is my absolute favorite place to get images for my blog if I can’t take the pictures myself! 

Are you doing Blogmas? What are you doing to stay on top of your posts? Share in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 15: Keeping Up with Blogmas

  1. Nicole says:

    This is a fantastic post! I am doing Blogmas and this year is a huge difference, working full time this year and doing Blogmas is a lot more than I actually expected, but I did schedule ahead and am writing posts ahead, so i’m actually nearly done with writing posts for it, which I am so glad because that means I should be able to sit back and relax for a couple of days. haha.


    • samigorski says:

      Thank you! I know pre-writing a lot of things helped me out a lot! Of course now everything I have planned for the rest of Blogmas I can’t write until after I actually do the thing I’m writing about! Oh well…


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