Blogmas Day 14: Festive Nails

*Sorry about the photo quality today! My camera wouldn’t focus and my iPhone is starting to show it’s age….

Now, by no means, am I a nail artist. My nails are never the same length. When I paint my nails you can bet that they will 100% be at least slightly messy. My lines are never straight. You get the picture. I’m pretty sure that most of us are like this though. Nail art is hard but there is no reason not to try. So, with Christmas just days away, I thought that I’d offer some simple holiday inspired nails. Sorry about the hang nails and the mess but Santa likes honesty, right? Also, in some of these pictures I’m wearing imPress press on manicure nails that I’ve done my own designs on.


Below, I’ll explain how I did each nail. Pick your favorites, mix and mach, and have fun! In case you’re wondering, I used Poparazzi nail polishes in Curfew (black), Icing on the Cake (white), Going for Gold (gold), Info Red (bright red), and Hit the Goldmine (Gold FX). I also used this brand’s top and base coat as well.


Santa’s Suit

This nail was the hardest but also my favorite one that I did. Honestly, despite it’s imperfections, I was really proud of how well this nail came out. I started off with a red base on a press on nail. Once that was dry, I painted on two black lines and then filled the space in between them. While that was drying, I added the “white fluff” to the tip using the bottom of a brush handle (we’re real fancy here at Sami Says). With everything dry, I carefully added the gold buck accent. Perfect! (Kind of…) I sealed everything in using a top coat.


The silver nail comes in the imPress set that I purchased. 

Sparkle All Night

On most of my fingers, I’ve done this look. It is just so simple and easy to do. I started with a black base and once it was dry, I added some of the gold nail FX in a bubbling, shower like design. Simple but elegant.

Marble Candy Cane

For this nail, I wanted festive but not in your face. For most of my nails that’s what I was going after. I love the look of the marble affect on nails but I really struggle to get the look myself. For this look, I started off with a black base on top of a clear base coat. Once both of those layers were dry, I dropped dots of red and white polish on top. While still wet, I swirled them around to make a base. I added more color until I got a look that I was happy with– something very hard to do. Once everything is dry, seal it all in with a top coat!


They aren’t perfect, but they’re a start!

Champagne Pop

For this look, I was inspired by the bubbles in champagne– a holiday favorite! I began with two layers of Icing on the Cake/White polish. I did two because the white can be a bit milky and not as opaque as I like. Once those layers were dry, I added some of the Hit the Goldmine gold flakes to be the champagne bubbles. You can do as much gold as you like and as strong as a fade as you want too.



This is the start of the free handing nail art. I started with a black base to make the white stand out more. I then free handed some snowflake designs. In another version, I also added some holographic flakes to the center for an extra bit of sparkle. Who doesn’t need more holo in their life?

Miss Mistletoe

Mistletoe is a Christmas classic, right? I started with a white base. Once that was dry, I free handed some green leaves and the red berries. With everything dried, I decided to jazz everything up by, again, adding a little bit of holographic glitter to each bundle.


Sorry this one is so out of focus!

Nailed Your Present

For this one, I started with a base of the silver glitter press on nail. From there, I free handed on a red bow. This was pain but in person it looks cute. I added a little bit of holo to the middle and ta-da!



What designs are you decking your nails with for the holidays? Share in the comments or tag me on instagram or twitter, @samigorski!

Note: When you paint on the imPress nails, the polish will flake off even with a base and top coat. Proceed with caution!



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    Really love your content!

    We recently started a CT Town Ambassador Program at and think you would be perfect for it!

    The program is a way for ambassadors to show off their town and talk about cool experiences.

    We would love for you to be apart of the Town Ambassador team! Please feel free to email me back anytime for more details!


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