Blogmas Day 13: Gift Guide for Her

Some women are easy to shop for. Others, not so much. I know I can fall all over the place on that spectrum. This gets even worse when you keep asking your mom what she wants for Christmas and you keep getting told “nothing”. Ughhhhh. Well, to try and help, here are a few female/girlfriend/mom/best friend approved gifts for her!


Your mom keeps telling saying you have no money but you want to get her something nice for Christmas. This is where some DIY skills come into play.

  • Ornament- You can make or buy an ornament for very little money. If you’re crafty, you can make something that the woman or girl in your life will treasure forever because you made it. I know I still have the ornament that my pen pal in elementary school made me! If you aren’t that crafty, you can find cute ornaments for around $5 at a lot of stores– Michales, Five Below, CVS, etc.
  • Picture Frame- This is another gift that you can make or purchase. If you, choose to make it, consider the material you need or if you want to upcylce an old frame that you already have. You can do a lot by just redecorating a frame!
  • Painting- If you have any skill with a paint brush, get a canvas and start painting! There is nothing better than getting a painting someone made themselves! If you need inspiration for what to paint, check out pinterest or google!
  • Write a Story- Again, everyone loves getting something personal. Writing a story can


So you have a little bit of money now to spend, now what?

  • Gift Card- Some people say that gift cards or cash are impersonal gifts. I think it’s a great way to give someone what they want instead of having to guess.
  • Gift Set- Gifts sets are an easy breasy way to give that special someone a nice assortment of goodies for the holidays. In most cases, you can actually buy these already made. Does mom like coffee? Get her a coffee gift set complete with ground coffee and a mug or two. Sister like bath bombs? Head over to Lush and pick up any one of their many gift sets. Girlfriend obsessed with Starbucks? There’s a gift set for her too. See, nice and easy. If you want the set to be more personal, you can make one yourself!
  • Night Out- Some people don’t want to unwrap something, they just want to collected experiences. Why not gift a night out to the special lady in your life. Take her out to dinner or to the movies. You can gift concert tickets or go to  a play. There are plenty of easy night outs that won’t break the bank.
  • Jewelry- This is another make it or buy it scenario. In most cases, you’ll probably want to buy this gift but you can always find something with a homemade touch. Check out Etsy for hand made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! You can also check out local stores in your area that feature local artists’ work. There is nothing better than finding beautiful jewelry and buying local!


You’ve got the big bucks, huh? Lucky. Here are some ideas to impress the her in your life. Or at least show her you care with a slightly nicer present. Each of these ideas goes along with the idea of giving an experience instead of giving a material item. If you still feel the need to wrap something up to give, try making an item or putting something in a card that says what you’re doing!

  • Day Trip- Pick a place that the gift recipient loves or maybe has never been to. This could be a major city in your area, a museum, art gallery, shopping area, or anything else. Plus, by going together, you get to spend a day together– which almost counts as an extra gift in itself!
  • Spa Day- Simple, sweet, and to the point. Who doesn’t love a day at the spa?
  • Event- Pick an event and get the tickets. Did you and your girlfriend go to the same college? Get tickets to a sporting event at your college. This works even if you went to rival schools! Does your sister love going to see plays? Get her tickets to a show. Does mom want to go to that wine tasting? Get her some VIP tickets.


There are plenty of things to get the her in your life. No matter what you make or get and no matter how much you spend, just remember to give it to her from the heart.


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