Blogmas Day 12: Lipsense Test

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to a Facebook party– an odd concept, I know. She had recently started wearing Lipsense lipstick and was now hosting her own party selling the product on Facebook. The party, which was super fun by the way, was a night sitting by my lap top with a glass of wine and learning all about this product and playing games in the comment section. There was a .gif dance off, a “lie about how you met the host” game, and pick your favorite looks. Throughout, the woman selling the product would answer questions, post the color selections, and tell us all about the product. I was sold half way through on everything but the price. $55 is a lot of money for a lipstick. The most I’ve ever spent on a lipstick was $25 on a tarte lip paint and even then I had a promo code so I didn’t pay the much.

Lucky for me, I won the contest that was going on all night and got a free lipsense color (my friend bought me the gloss that you need to go with it). So here I am with a free Lipsense, ready to try this lip product out. I will say, after watching a few reviews, I am TERRIFIED of this product. Every product review I’ve watched says that the lip color burns and leaves a terrible, metallic taste in your mouth. I don’t want that, I just want to have to not be constantly reapplying my lip color every ten minutes after having a drink or kissing my boyfriend. So, depite being very afraid of this product, I’m giving it a full chance and testing out this Lipsense. I’ll be putting it through the ringer of date nights, bar crawls, and more! Lets see how it holds up…



To start, I received the Lipsense like this. I ordered the color Fly Girl with a matte finish gloss. The lip color won’t hold up without the gloss so you absolutely need it when you first order a color. You can also get a special remover as well to get this stuff off– I didn’t though because I like to live on the wild side.

Let me back up for a minute and tell you about Lipsense. Lipsense is a “unique product that is water proof and won’t kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off”. It is supposed to moisturize your lips and last for four to eighteen hours. You can choose from over fifty shades and several different gloss finishes. Also, you can only purchase Lipsense through an independent distributor. Now that we all know about this product, lets try it out.


So here are some first impressions.

  1. The packaging is gorgeous and overall very nice.
  2. The lipcolor has a SUPER strong, chemically odor. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an alcohol scent but more of some kind of cleaner.
  3. The lip color is super thin and watery but also very, very sticky so DO NOT let your lips touch when the color is drying. Or before you put the gloss on.
  4. The gloss is super thick which is nice. There is no initially stickiness with it so plus one point!
  5. It does have a weird tingly/burning sensation when you first apply that goes away– although I could still feel it slightly on my waterline…
  6. It feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all!

I wasn’t going or doing anything the night I got this product in the mail so I just tested out while drinking a soda and eating dinner at home with the family. Within the first hour, while I was just working on my laptop and hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet, I noticed that the sticky feeling had returned. I pursed my lips together and they definitely had that stuck stickiness to them. So, thinking that it would help, I reapplied some of the gloss. It did help but I accidentally licked my lips and the taste is DISGUSTING. It’s like metallic and earwax. Gross.

IMG_7070 On the second day, I was working on just getting the application down. Liquid lipstick is not forgiving if you mess up on the application. Lipsense is even less forgiving. If you mess up the application, you’re screwed. Or you’ll be scrubbing off the lipstick for a while to try and reapply it.

I applied the products before leaving for work and by the time I arrived at the commuter lot for work, I needed to touch up. The lip color had gone sticky and I noticed that it wasn’t even. Trying to touch this up was a night mare. If you start off uneven, you’re going to be uneven all day. After this attempt to fix this application, I reapplied the gloss and headed to work. Although, between the car and arriving at work, I had reapplied the gloss more than I wanted to due to my lips feeling extra dry.

At work was time for a test. I had picked up a bagel, hash browns, and an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. So far so good! There was no fading, flaking or anything that that that caught my attention. I’ll call that a win for lipsense. Later that day, I gave a one hour long tour followed by a two hour school program. This means that I was doing a lot of talking. By the end of it all and with now break, I noticed that my lips were super dry. It was a very unpleasant feeling. I applied some of the gloss and noticed lots of flaking on the wand.

Later that afternoon, I had some fruit for lunch and noticed quite a bit of crumbling and fading on the part of the lipsense. I definitely was going to need to reapply in order to get through the rest of the day. You could completely see my water line which is not a good look.


The same results continued day after day while trying out lipsense. It did make it through the kiss test and lasts well during short hours of wear. While wearing it to the bar crawl I was at over the weekend, I constantly had to keep applying the gloss which was a hassle in the end. I just wanted to be all set and not have to keep stopping to touch up. By the end of the day, most of the color had worn off and I applied a thing coat to at least make everything look slightly better on the train ride back to the hotel.

Over a week of using this product, I think I’ve come to a conclusion about lipsense.

  1. This product is a pain in the butt. It has quite the learning curve to learn how to properly apply it and you have to keep touching up the gloss and sometimes the color, which is not easy.
  2. While the gloss is supposed to moisturize the lips, it constantly made my lips feel dry. It made them flake like crazy and even when I wasn’t wearing it, my lips just felt drier than normal.
  3. When not uncomfortably dry, it feels like you aren’t wearing anything and looks quite good on once you get the application down.
  4. The tinging sensation and metallic taste does go away once you get used to the product.

Overall, on a 1-10 scale, I’d give this product a 6 or so. I would’t go out of my way to buy it again but it wasn’t the worst lip product I’ve ever used. If you care to try lipsense, go for it! I will say you aren’t missing out on any crazy miracle product though.



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