Blogmas Day 11: Festive Bedroom

There is nothing better than having your own space. Sure, this can be hard when you’re still living it home but you can always make that childhood bedroom more adult. We’re not talking about that today though. Today is all about having a festive bedroom for the holidays. If you’re like me and are 1) a recent-ish college grad living at home still and 2) a big fan of Christmas, these simple ideas to make your bedroom more holiday friendly are for you! I’ll be mixing in DIYs and items that you can purchase for this post, so keep reading for more!

Fairy Lights

Fairy or string lights are a constant in my bedroom. They help to give a little ambiance and a less harsh source of light when I don’t want to put the overhead lights on. During the holidays though, I’ve added two extra strings of lights to my room and spiced them up with baubles and photos that I printed from my HP Sprocket ($129.95 at Best Buy, photo paper sold separately) This just adds a nice little touch without being over the top. You get a warm glow from the lights, you get some nice festive colors from the baubles, and you get some moments that made you smile through the year. Who wouldn’t want that? I got my lights at Target for $2.99 (not bad!).

 DIY Snowflakes

Sometimes, you just need to sit down and craft. It’s good for the soul. There is no winter craft more classic than snow flakes. Plus, you can just sit down and watch your favorite Christmas movies while you snip away at you designs. For my snowflakes, I just free handed my designs and hung them in my window. In the past I’ve used different templates to help make more intricate designs– hello Frozen themes snowflakes!

Message Light Box

These seem to have been the trendiest room accessory of 2017. I finally buckled and got one of these myself and then used it as a center piece for my “bar” on top of my bookcase in my room (I make everything multipurpose when I can). These light boxes ($19.99 at Target) can be a cool little addition to your room’s festive make over. Arrange the letters into seasonal phrases and let the light shine.


Paper Crafts

If you have the time and patience, paper crafts are a super easy way to spice up your decorations. Plus, if you don’t have the storage space, you can just throw them away when the season is over!


I like to use bedding to make my room more seasonal. Living in New England, flannel sheets are always important to keep extra warm– especially if you’re like me and your room is always cold, they are a a comfort you can’t miss out on. This time of year, I switch between some snow patterned sheets and some Christmas catch phrase sheets. These sheets are just a nice little touch to make the room more holiday ready!


How do you make your space more festive? Share you ideas in the comments or message me on twitter or instagram at @samigorski!


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