2017 Wrapped: A Musical Review

It is that time of year when we all start getting into the year in review. Facebook put out their videos. YouTube rewind is out. The list goes on. My favorite every year is Spotify’s review of your year in music. I love their breakdown of my listening habits and and suggestions for what I should try listening to next.

spotify-2017-wrapped (1).png

If you’re like me and like listening and exploring new music, follow me on this yearly review!

Now, I listen to a lot of music. Or at least I think I do. My only thing about the Spotify yearly wrap up is that it always seems to focus on just the first half of the year. Or maybe I’m just not that self aware….

spotify-2017-wrapped (2).png

While this is a fairly accurate look at my music tastes, I feel like this reflects January-June 2017 more than the year as a whole. Doesn’t matter at the end of the day, this is some pretty good music, in my honest opinion. Below I’ll be going through groups of the songs from my Top 100 and then some of the music I’m excited for in my “Ones that Got Away” recommendations. Lets get into it!

Top 100 of 2017

So, clearly, these groupings below aren’t every artist on the list but they are the ones who either pop up the most or that I’m still listening to in December and they hold a special place in every playlist they get included in.

Jon Bellion, AJR, The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran

So these gentlemen are my “Top 40-Lets-Get-Ready-For-A-Night-Out-Feel-Good” music. This music makes me sing and dance and just, overall, feel good. Who doesn’t want that. I was very unsure of myself going into this year and this music was there for me almost the whole year. At least on the days when I was determined to feel good and make myself feel positive.

The Mowgli’s, Judah & the Lion, Saint Motel

These bands are a different kind of feel good music for me. These the more indie groups that I just love. Rock music of any form, well…. almost any, always has a place in my heart. I was lucky enough to even get to see one of these bands (Saint Motel with MisterWives and Panic! at the Disco) back in February. The songs by these artists have quickly become my driving go-tos this year and they are perfect. Especially when it is a beautiful sunny day. Perfect!

Pvris, MisterWives, 888, Don Broco

Getting more into some “darker-but-not-really” music, these bands are my evolution in the “emo” music world that I was brought up in. Well, not brought up in. Came of age in would be more accurate. Pvris and Don Broco can just be so moody and sometimes your girl just needs to brood and be moody. Preferably with an awesome soundtrack!

Kendrick Lamar, Aer

These two acts have nothing similar about them. Maybe you can argue genre similarity in a vague state but not really. The point is, this became my expanding horizons music. I’m not usually one for rap music but Kendrick is just a brilliant wordsmith. I can’t deny that and very much appreciate it, especially in his latest album, Damn. Aer is just the feel good, stoner equivalent. Although they aren’t fully “expanding my horizons” since I had started to listen to them in college.

Oh Wonder, The Lumineers, Echosmith, Vance Joy

When I just need to chill, these are my go to bands. They each have a song or a whole album to fit any mood I might be in which makes them all perfect. I found myself really falling into each of these bands during every month of 2017. The lyrics, the melodies, the sound. Everything about this music is just wonderful. Each group has a song that is a perfect road trip song, laying in bed thinking song, and chilling song. If you haven’t listened to any of these artists yet, do it.

Dirty Heads, Ansel Elgort, Giants

These groups are my beginning into a foray into more electronic music. Although I don’t think any of them really fit that scene. I don’t know what to say about these artists except for that they make me dance and that’s a good thing! For me. Maybe not the people around me.

Twenty One Pilots, Modern Baseball

These two bands make up my oldies but goodies category. I’ve been listening to these two bands for years now and they have constantly made an appearance in my yearly wrap up. I’m sure both have each made it into my monthly favorites a few times as well. You can’t go wrong with your old favorites!

Ones That Got Away

I haven’t had a chance to fully go through this playlist yet but from what I have listened to, I’ve heard quite a few new songs that I’m very excited for. Below you can find my “so far” highlights.

  • Hoodie by Hey Violet
  • So Close by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
  • In Bloom by Neck Deep
  • In The Middle by dodie
  • Sweet Dreams by BØRNS

There are definitely some gems in this collection!

What were your thoughts on your Spotify Wrapped this year? Who were your top artists? Did you agree with your top genre?


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