Blogmas Day 8: A Grab Bag of Grab Bags

In day six of Blogmas, I talked about my family’s grab bag tradition at our annual party. I know other people do grab bags, Secret Santas, Yankee swaps, and any other number of gift giving games this time of year. For some, finding these gifts may be more difficult than just getting your a present for one person in your family or friend group. To help make this exchange a little simpler, here are a few ideas for gifts to give.


Who doesn’t like a funny gift for these things? If you’re like my family and friends, you keep the prices low for optimum laughter. The best gifts are often the cheapest. If you want to go the specifically humorous route, you can start small and go big.

  • Reindeer Poop- a candy that looks like poop and, in some cases, comes with a dispenser that is a reindeer pooping.
  • Whoopee Cushion- This is a classic. No matter what age group or year is it, this is a guarunteed laugh. And yes, I do know how childish it seems. But wait until you watch your eight year old cousin hide it where your great uncle is gonna sit.
  • Joke Book- These can be as simple a just a book of joke or book that is meant to be kept in the bathroom. You know, because’s it is full of shit. (I crack myself up sometimes!)
  • Political Humor Gift- If you have a family that fights over politics or even is all on the same side, a political humor book may be the best choice. Just walking about Barnes and Noble I spotted a mini book entitled Shit Trump Says. You can bet that is a hot contender for my family’s grab bag this year.

Sweet Tooth

The majority of people have a sweet tooth so why not use that to your advantage. If you go this route for your gift, you have a few options:

  • Homemade- Make something from scratch– cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Wrap it in a nice tin or box and there you go! Who doesn’t love getting fresh, homemmade desserts?
  • Chocolate Box- Make an assortment from chocolates you find at the store. Pick some normal flavors and then mix in some odder selections.
  • Movie Theater Favorites- Head to the dollar store and stock up on some boxed candy and maybe a microwave popcorn bowl and you are all set!

Chill Dude

Sometimes, people just want to chill. Why not help them out?

  • Relaxation Kit- You can do this gift two ways. One, put together some face masks; bath bombs; scrubs; and other spa like items– some of which you can make yourself! Two, coloring books and supplies. Depending on the crowd you’re shopping for, eithe rof these could be super relaxing.
  • Movie Passes- You already looked at the popcorn and candy, why not splurge and get a movie theater gift card. I’m sure there’s a movie coming out that someone will want to see in theaters
  • Dollar Bin Movies- If the person you have in mind for this gift doesn’t like going out to see movies, dive in to the dollar movie bin and pick out the best-worst movies you can find! Not only will this be hilarious to see their expression, some of those movies aren’t half bad. Some of them.


There are plenty of other ideas as well. Tell me about what you do for gift exchanges in the comments!


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