Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Past

Let me tell you a tale of Christmas Past through the insanity and pictures of my family…


Me at two months old. The title of this picture is “Baby no bones”



Why yes, I did own the Samantha matching dresses from American Girl. Didn’t you?


Santa Fluff makes his first appearance in 2005!

227343_1041528768115_3744_n (1)

Time for a Christmas… pie? It’s a cake but for some reason someone called it a pie and the name stuck. 


It isn’t Christmas without the collies! Chester made it through the kitchen barrier and may or may not have tried to steal the cookies….


There is definitely a kitten somewhere in this tree. And not by choice. 


The infamous Santa Banana.


And finally, ’tis the reason for the season!

Happy holidays! Share with me your family memories in the comments!


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