Blogmas Day 4: The Gift Guide

For some people, giving gifts can be difficult. Picking the best possible gifts for each person can be a challenge. You want to be creative and find something that the person will love but maybe you just dream too big. Here are a few gift ideas that could work for anyone in your life this holiday season.

For the Chocolate Lover

Around the holidays, it is easy to find all sorts of unusual or seasonal chocolates to build this gift. Head to your local CVS or Target and walk around the Christmas section and you will find all sorts of different chocolates. For this gift, try and pick a nice assortment and a cute box to put it all in. If you’re like me and love Target, check out the Hammond’s chocolate bars ($1.99 each!) to start off your assortment.

Once you’ve picked out some chocolate bars, take a look at the baking section (or these might still be in the holiday area) and pick out some mug cake mixes! Grab a festive mug while you’re add it to display this package. You could even just pick an assortment of hot chocolate as well!

With this gift, you could create a nice and super chocolate-y surprise for under $20.

For the Young Reader

If you have younger children, siblings, or cousins, why not try giving some books? Pick some of your favorites and wrap them up into individual packages, tied together with a pretty bow. My favorites are:

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
  • The Night Before Christmas (any edition!)
  • Auntie Claus

You can pick non-holiday books as well. Plus, if the kids you are buying for are really young, most kids books have plush toys to go along with them! So pass on your love for reading to the next generation.

For the Creative Spirit

First, all I’m gonna say is Michael’s. Go on their website, get some coupons, and then head to your local store. The sales here that are constantly going on make this a Christmas haven. Walk in and pick out different art supplies for the different creative types in your life.

Painter in your life? You can get a couple of canvases, some assorted brushes, and a few tubes of paint.

Knitter? Pick up some new hooks and some colorful yarn. Maybe they’ll make you a blanket, scarf, or sweater!

Jack of all trades? Try a mixed media kit that includes paints, pastels, pencils, and more!

Just walk around the store and you’ll find all sorts of great things to help that person in your life tap into their creativity.

For the Athlete

This can be the most difficult category to shop for due to the cost of some sports gear so here are two ideas.

To start, head over to somewhere like Five Below or the like and pick out a selection of indoor and outdoor games! Think about a football, tennis racket and balls, floor hockey sets and more! There are plenty of option here!

Your second option is to try and find tickets to a game! While not everyone can afford major league tickets, most areas have minor league or college teams to watch that are just as fun! Get a couple of tickets to a local hockey, basketball, football, or baseball game! Although for any of those, there may be a waiting time until that sport is in season.


Good luck with your gift giving, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


One thought on “Blogmas Day 4: The Gift Guide

  1. Maggie says:

    Great ideas! I love the ones for the chocolate-lover, and the crafter. Michael’s is an AMAZING store! I could browse their selection of craft supplies all day, haha


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