Blogmas Day 1: Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Happy Holidays!

Today starts the beginning of Blogmas here on Sami Says! For the next twenty five days, you can look forward to a new Christmas-y themed post every day. There will be a few days where there are some overlap days with other posts already scheduled on Saturdays but never fear! Just enjoy the extra content! I’ll be posting everything from holiday tips and tricks, to festive make up looks, photo blogs, and so much more!

To get started, I’ll be sharing some tips for stress free Christmas shopping!


Now, I don’t know about you guys but I’m terrible at holiday shopping. I never budget. I rarely have a plan. I tend to either do all of my shopping at once or very last minute. Not great plans if you want to get through the season stress free. And who wants to be stressed for an entire month anyways? No one. So here are some tried and true tips to make this holiday shopping season as stress-less as possible.

Budget, Budget, Budget


This will probably be the most difficult thing you’ll do all season: make a budget. Budgets are the worst. I mean, they’re great and all but they are the worst. They are super important thought. Before you make any purchase this season, make a budget. Take a look at what your current financial situation is for now and for January– you have to think ahead! Consider when you get paid, what other expenses you have over the next two months, and how many gifts you need to buy. If you only get gifts for your immediate family, maybe you can spend a little bit more per person. If you have to get gifts for twenty something people, you might have to show you love for them with only a few bucks.

So make a list and check it twice and then budget like the wind! This year I’ve made my budget partially around my pay check schedule. I get paid every two weeks so after I pay my student loans or credit card payment for the month, I would try and go to the store (if needed) once a week to slowly start collecting my gifts. This plan works out even better if you follow the sales!

Plan Ahead


Along with a budget, you should make a plan. Figure out what you are buying and when. Do you need to order something online? How long will it take for that item to get delivered? Order those items first. Making some type of gift basket? Start gathering items little by little. Having these plans will make your life a lot easier.

Along with your plan for what you’re getting everyone, make sure to check in store and online sales along with coupons. Follow these dates and plan accordingly! Knowing when the sales are will keep your stress levels at a minimum– especially when you’re at risk of going over budget. Pro-Tip: try Michael’s! They always have the best sales and best coupons! A craft store won’t work for gifts for everyone but they can definitely help with a lot of gifts!

Timing Is Everything


Don’t like crowds? Don’t go to the mall on Black Friday or on the weekends or any prime time hour of shopping. Time out when the best times to go to the stores you need to go are. Think about when the stores restock their shelves. Think about what off hours you have available when you could go to your needed stores.

Or shop online.

These are just three tips to help take the stress out of the holidays. What are you going to do to take away stress from your holiday shopping?



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