Thankful Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

While this year has seemingly been been 2016: the slightly better sequel, 2017 has definitely had a few highlights. There was more to be thankful for this year than I can say there was in the year prior. To celebrate the official start of the holiday season, I wanted to share just a few of the things that I’m thankful for.


My friends are just the best. They are always there for me in whatever way I need them. They give me support and tell me what I need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. JUst what you want from your best friends. Even though we are all kind of spread apart nowadays, it’s always nice to get to see them and share some memories with them. This year had a lot of great memory making moments with my friends. We did everything from going to hockey games, celebrating one of us getting married, bar crawls, and birthdays.


I’m always thankful for my family. Always. Even when they’re really freaking weird. Although we didn’t have as much time together this year as we have in the past, we are still as close as ever. To represent them, here’s our family mascot, Fluff.



February of this year brought me quite the surprise: a new boyfriend, although we didn’t actually start officially dating until May. He has been nothing but surprise after surprise for me. As another friends says of my current boyfriend, he was exactly what I needed when I needed him. We’ve had quite the adventure over the last nine months and I can’t wait to see what we do next.

Travel and Experiences

2017 gave me a lot of opportunities to travel and see some cool things. Hopefully this trend continues into 2018!

What are you thankful for this year?




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