October Favorites

I don’t know why this month it was so hard to actually sit down and write this post but it was. October was such a busy month but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have any favorites. So, lets get into it, shall we?


Nyx Glitter Primer and Face & Body Glitter in Crystal– Okay, so this isn’t a real favorite for everyday use. This is very much in here because Halloween happened and I did a face look with glitter. Did I regret the use of glitter? ABSOLUTELY. Glitter is the fucking worst. Glitter is the herpes of the art and beauty world. The only thing that made this all okay was the magic in a tube that is the Nyx Glitter Primer. I don’t know what skin safe magic glue they use but this stuff works. Like really, really well. Like it doesn’t come off. At all. And that is what you want. If you are about the make the big mistake of doing a glitter based make up look, make sure you get this primer. If you’re interested in these products, I picked mine up at Target but you can get them here for $6 each!

Too Faced Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation — Peaches and Cream Collection in Porcelain– I don’t wear foundation very often but sometimes I just want to have flawless looking skin. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes it seems like it is when you are trying to use drug store foundation– not to knock drug store make up. I finally decided to splurge at Sephora and get a new foundation and walked out of the store with this beautiful matte finish foundation (I don’t like the dewy look). It doesn’t take a lot of this product to gain that perfect, glowy and flawless skin and I love that. The only thing not to like is the $36 price tag. Otherwise, this is a perfect foundation! You can check it out here.

Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer in Light– When I went into Sephora, I really just wanted to get a concealer. I figured that would be enough. Instead I walked out with this and the foundation above and a setting powder. This concealer is great though! It actually does a great job at hiding my dark circles and face demons. Plus you get a good about of product in the tube! Again, the only downside is the $28 you’ll be out with this concealer. You can pick it up here.

Too Faced Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder– I’ve been looking for a good setting powder for years now and I think I finally found it! You get a ton of product in this beautiful container AND you don’t need to use a lot of it when setting your make up! Who doesn’t love that? For $32 you can get your hands on this setting powder too!

Favorite Music



The Lumineers by The Lumineers (2012)– I’ve always had a thing for The Lumnineers but October had me listening to this album over and over again. I had a few road trips and there is just something about this album that is just perfect for long drives. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s just right.

Best Song: Flowers in Your Hair

Listen Further: Submarines, Stubborn Love, Charlie Boy

All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell by PVRIS (2017)– This album didn’t really match up with the rest of what I was listening to this month but it is just so good. It was the perfect follow up album to their first release, White Noise. There is more of that dark brooding mixed with an almost ambient light infusion happening all over again. That may be the worst way to describe this album but I’ll leave it at that. This is just a great sophomore album.

Best Song: Heaven

Listen Further: Anyone Else, Same Soul, Winter


Mr. Robot on USA– This was a very, very end of the month development but this is quickly turning into one of my favorite shows. Plus I think their infusion of the 2016 election is much better than whatever American Horror Story: Cult decided to do (I had to give up on it, I couldn’t take it any more).


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