Celebrating 23: My Birthday in the White Mountains

There’s nothing like a good birthday celebration. Everyone, or almost everyone, enjoys getting to celebrate the start to their next rotation around the sun. It is even better when you get to do something special for your birthday. Two weeks ago I turned twenty three years old. Now, there is nothing particularly special about twenty three. It isn’t a milestone year. You don’t get any new perks like you do at sixteen, eighteen, twenty one, and twenty five. Twenty three is kind of a “meh” year. I didn’t want it to start off that way though. Even though, as Blink-182 says, nobody likes you when you’re twenty three, I want twenty three to be the year that everyone likes. Or at least that I like. That’s what’s most important anyways. So, to celebrate the start of my twenty third year on this planet, I decided I wanted to get away for the weekend.

October, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The weather isn’t too cold yet and you get the full effect of the changing colors on the trees. This is absolutely my favorite time of the year. Lucky for me, I was able to book a condo for the weekend and head up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire to celebrate my birthday.


If you’re new to this blog you may not know that one of my favorite places in the world is the White Mountains. They are my home away from home, which makes vacationing up here even better. I don’t need unwinding and settling time. Once I’m here, I just relax. I am as happy as can be.

For this celebratory weekend, I brought my boyfriend with me and invited a few friends to join us at the condo. Ski resorts in the off season are always great with family and friends because they aren’t very busy. This is even better when there is a pool and spa area that you get access to on chilly autumn nights. Perfect!

Friday night, my boyfriend I and got up to the condo (after a quick grocery and package store run) and settled in. We had a bit of a long ride up from Connecticut so just getting to sprawl out for a few minutes was definitely needed. After taking some time to relax, we headed out to dinner at Tuckerman’s and watched whatever football game was on while drinking some local beer and sharing some nachos. Perfect evening. It got even better when we got home though and got to play Mario Kart!


The next day we got an early start to head up Mount Washington. No, we didn’t hike it– despite my boyfriend really, really, really wanting to. You have to be really prepared for hiking up this monster. Not only is it a challenging hike, the mountain makes its own weather. While it might be a lovely sixty five degrees at the base and sunny, it could be snowing and below freezing when you get to the top. Especially this time of year. We, and by we I mean I, decided that we would drive up to the top of the mountain and explore around the peak.


Heading down from the summit of Mount Washington!



After some time exploring around the top, aka waiting in line for some of these photos, we headed down to the base to find some lunch. We went to one of my all time favorite local restaurants, Moat Mountain, for some beers and appetizers to share between the four of us. If you are ever in the Whites, make sure to stop here! The hush puppies are SO good.

After an exciting day on the mountain and driving around, we spent the night in playing card games, hanging around the pool, and watching Planet Earth while making dinner and snacks for ourselves.

Sunday was our last day up in the mountains for the weekend. Since we had to head home today, I decided that the best send off for the weekend was to go to a nice brunch with everyone. There is just something about Sunday brunch that just feels right. Especially when you’re celebrating a special weekend. By brunch, I do mean breakfast sandwiches from a local coffee shop because we wanted a chance to go around North Conway for a bit. 

The boy and I finished the trip with a mini hike around the top of Cathedral Ledge before meandering home to CT. If only we could have stayed longer!









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