September Favorites

Is it just me or does September always go by super fast? Like 30 days just flew right by and I have no idea how to feel about that. Wasn’t yesterday Labor Day? No. Well, it feels like it was very recent. Like last week recent. But lets end this tangent here and get into why you are really reading. It is time to go over my September Favorites for 2017! Lets go…

This month will only have a Favorite Music section because, being so busy, music was the only thing I had time to develop favorites for!

Favorite Music

I was listening to a lot of music this month which lead me to finding some new favorites while enjoying some old ones.

Just like the months before, you can check out my playlist of my favorite music from the entire year on my favorites page!

Single Picks


Landmark by Hippo Campus (2017)– This is just a great album. I’m a firm believer in the “road trip” test for an album. This being the test that you can play an entire album without skipping a single song and just have a great time. This album does that to me. Just listening to the guitar rifts and calming melodies, I can close my eyes and just imagine driving along winding roads to watching the sunset over the ocean. So chill. Much enjoy.

Best Song: Way It Goes

Listen Further: Monsoon, Suicide Saturday, South

Our Own House by MisterWives (2015)– This is one of those albums that kind of snuck into my favorites. I got to see MisterWives open up for Panic! at the Disco back in the spring and quickly came to love a lot of their songs. They are just very catchy and something you can dance in your car to.

Best Song: Reflections

Listen Further: Our Own House, Imagination Infatuation, Machine from Connect the Dots (2017)


That’s it for this month! Make sure to check in again for some exciting stuff coming in October!


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