Fall Haul

The change in the season means a change in wardrobe. Here in Connecticut, that means that it is time to pack away the shorts, sun dresses, swim cover ups, and flip flops to make room for flannels, leggings, heavy sweaters, and boots. Well, once summer finally actually leaves and it stops being 90 degrees…. Personally, if I could just live in flannels and leggings all year, I would. Actually, I pretty much do– I’m always cold! Ignoring that though, now is the time to start the transition to colder and more cosy weather. Time to light those fall scented candles and get cozy in some fuzzy socks.



To me, fall is all about a wardrobe that can be layered up or down. Living in New England means that even in November we can still get days that are 80 degrees (or higher). I mean we had an 80 degree day in February so anything is possible. At the same time it can be freezing outside. Literally freezing. So, any New Englander worth their salt knows that the Fall (honestly, most of the year) is all about functional layering. With that in mind and considering my own personal style, here is what I’ve hauled in for the fall for clothing.

For me, this Fall is all about flannel and crushed velvet. Below you can find the items that I can still find online and share!

Along with these items, I stocked up in classic black leggings along with a pair in green and in pink to mix up with some black shirts I already have. Now to just find the perfect pair of shoes!


There’s nothing better than autumn candles. Nothing. Especially these ones from Bath and Body Works. If you need a new candle, check out Leaves, Autumn, and Pumpkin Apple.

Bonus: As of right now, 3-wick candles at Bath and Body Works are $10 off! So go stock up because you won’t want to miss these delicious scents!


Of course, I’ve stocked up on a few other fall essentials. I’ll be experimenting with Nyx’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Vintage and their Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes.


What items have you brought in with the changing season? Let me know in the comments!



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    Hey beautiful I really enjoyed your post it was informative and written well…just gave your blog a follow I hope you follow back looking forward to more of those great posts


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