Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is, by far, my favorite season. The weather brings in more comfortable temperatures. The leaves are changing from green to spectacular reds and oranges. The annual apple vs. pumpkin war returns. Autumn is just the best. Especially if you live in New England! With all that said, its time to come up with this season’s bucket list. While summer is full of beaches and sitting poolside, Autumn is all about orchards and being cozy. Lets get into it!

I’ll be dividing up this bucket list into outdoor and indoor activities so just scroll through to find the best section for you.

The Great Outdoors

applepie.jpegApple Picking

This has to be one of my favorite fall activities and I rarely ever get to do it. What’s better than walking through an apple orchard on a crisp fall day and picking bag after bag of apples before chowing down on some apple cider donuts with (of course!) warm apple cider! That sounds like the perfect day to me. Going as a kid was always fun but as an adult it can be even better. Get together with a group of friends and make your trip to the orchard a challenge. Who can pick the most apples? Who can bake the best apple pie after? Competition is always good for friends, right? So make a day of it and join team apple (apple is better than pumpkin everyday, all year)!

Go Picking in New England

Connecticut: Lyman Orchards, Middlefield, CT or Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, CT (this one has a winery!)

Maine: Apple Acres Farm, South Hiram, ME

Massachusetts: Nashoba Valley Winery, Bolton, MA or Carver Hill Orchard, Stow, MA

New Hampshire: DeMeritt Hill Farm, Lee, NH (This one is home to Haunted Overload, one of the best haunted walks/houses in the country!)

Vermont: Adams Apple Orchard, Williston, VT

Of course these are just a sampling of options for apple picking in the region. Comment your favorite orchards in the comment section!

The Great Pumpkin is Coming!pumpkins.jpeg

To not be too bias about fall farm fare, you can also do some pumpkin picking too! Plus, like with the apples, you can turn your day of picking the perfect pumpkin into a competition. Get out the knives and start carving! See which of your friends can carve the best pumpkin for Halloween. Who can make those seeds into the best snack? You decide. See, everything can be a competition! Check the orchards above or your local favorite for pumpkins.

Foliage Frolics

Summer isn’t the only season where hiking can happen. Head into the great outdoors for a day of taking in the changing colors as you take a nice walk through the woods or test your limits as you climb up a mountain. Nothing beats a walk in the woods when the leaves are at their peak. Just remember to try and plan around the leaf peepers. Not everyone gets the color changes that we New Englanders get so some of your favorite outdoor places may be more busy than usual.

fall foliage.jpg

Fall with Friends

Sometimes, you just need to do some fall themed activities with your friends.

Fall Photo Shoot

This could be silly or it could be the best thing you and your friends do all season. Or both. It could be both. Plan (or be spontaneous!) a photo shoot that you can all post all over social media or print out and frame in your room. It’s simple but this activity can be so much fun!

Renaissance Faire

Okay, now here me out: Renaissance Faires are SO much fun. Take a step back into the past and just enjoy it. Last year my friends and I went to one, fully dressed up, and had a blast. Drinking mead, watching a joust, cheering on knights, getting knighted by the queen. All of this and more is what makes the Faire so much fun. Plus a lot of Ren Faires have themed days! The King Richard’s Faire in Massachusetts offers both a Harry Potter and Game of Thrones themed day. Perfect for those pop culture fanatics!

Haunted House

I had considered putting this bucket list item in the romance/date section but Haunted Houses are always better in big groups. Especially when the Haunted House is known for being super scary. Plus, the more people you can put between you and a jump scare, the better! So figure out where the best Haunted House near you is and make a night out of it! Plus, what’s a better way of coming off an adrenaline rush from being scared than with a couple of autumn themed cocktails afterwards? Nothing. The answer is that there is nothing better.

Haunted Houses of New England

Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire– This haunted walk through the woods turns DeMeritt Hill Farm into one of America’s scariest haunted attractions. Haunted Overload is changed and expanded every year so you’ll never go on the same walk twice. Plus, by going you’ll be supporting a local humane society!

Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut– This haunted attraction was a childhood favorite of mine– even when the power went out half way through one year! Talk about scary stuff. Haunted Graveyard is New England’s largest Halloween attraction and (probably) one of the best haunted adventures out there. Proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Witch’s Woods in Westford, Massachusetts–  This haunted hayride brings you up close and personal with witches, vampires, werewolves, and monsters. But don’t worry, there’s a Jack O’ Lantern Jamboree for those who need something a bit less scary.


Lets Get Romantic Up In Here

Okay, now any of the previously mentioned bucket list items could technically also end up in this section. Sometimes, there are just things you can only do with your bae.

Cuddles and Camping

Now, if you’ve read my blog before, you know that I’m into camping on the weekends and hiking. While camping in the summer means you don’t need to bring that much with you, autumn camping means that you get to cuddle close with your significant other. On cool autumn nights, as the fire is going out, head into your little blanket nest and cuddle away the night in your tent. Bonus points if you make it your tent super cozy with battery powered LED string lights and your favorite pillows.

Scenic Drive

There’s nothing better than a Sunday drive. Wait, yes there is. Scenic drives in the fall. There is just something about driving down long, winding back roads as the trees change color. Make a day of it and just get lost. The great things about scenic drives is that a lot of them have pull off areas to take in the views even more. So pack a picnic and hit the road. Make sure to have your camera (or at least your phone) to capture all of the natural beauty of your journey.

scenic drive fall

What’s on your fall bucket list? Share in the comments.


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