August Favorites

The unofficial end of summer is here and so is my monthly favorites blog for August 2017. August was one hectic month full of ups and downs, going from (basically) unemployed to employed (these are the issues of being a substitute teacher and then getting another job too!), and just being super busy. With that said, I did have time to develop some favorites for this month. Lets get into it!

Favorite Beauty Products

This month brought in some new favorite beauty products and some old.

Tarte tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette– I have loved this palette for about a year now and it is perfect for every look you could possibly go for. Want a simple, barely there look? Try using classic, chic, and bold with maybe a little bit of innocent. Want to bring it up a notch for autumn? Add in some whimsy and edgy. Want something dark and sultry, perfect for any night time festivities you could be going go? Try some smoked with no filter and vamp. Maybe experiment a little bit with minx and trendy. Okay, if you’ve never seen this palette before, I’m just saying random works but all of the colors I just mentioned are gorgeous. There are sixteen matte shades and four shimmer shades that a perfect for literally everything. I use this palette almost every day and it is a dream. Plus there is the slight hint of a vanilla scent when you open the case. As a bonus, this palette is dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, and safe for contact lens wearers! Oh, and tarte products are cruelty free! Check out the palette hereRetails for $53.

Qivange Eye Make Up Brushes from Amazon– I’ve recently gotten way more into trying to have nice make up. You know, looks that take a little more than swiping on a shadow and throwing on some eyeliner and mascara. I mean, at the end of the day that is still all that I’m doing. With my other set of eye brushes that I had from target, the colors of the eyeshadow I was using (like the Tarte palette) would get muddy. They would all blend into a meh brown. So, I started looking around for another set of brushes that would work better. I didn’t have a lot of money to throw around so I wanted brushes that would give me the most bang for my buck. This set of twelve did just that! I was honestly super surprised about how well these brushes work. They are super soft and blend like a dream. I don’t always recommend Amazon products, but when I do it is because I honestly love them! Not to mention that these brushes retails for $7.99! You can’t beat that deal at any store! You can get your hands on this brush set here.

Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener from Amazon– Okay, so I have naturally straight hair. It’s been loosing its straightness as I get older (I used to have pin straight hair as a kid) and now it is mostly just frizzy. It also doesn’t help that in the last few years I’ve colored and bleached my hair (damn you, dark hair!) which has caused a little bit of damage. What I’m trying to get at is that my hair is frizzy and I don’t like it. Usually, if I want to combat the frizziness, I end up spending 45 minutes curling my hair. My other straightener sucked and kind of just warmed up the strands instead of straightening. This straightener is a gift from the hair gods! It gets up to 410 degrees and makes my hair almost as straight as it use to be! While leaving my hair a little flat, it makes my hair look ah-mazing when in a pony tail– something that it hasn’t looked in a long time. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for this product after seeing it mentioned in a buzzfeed article but I decided to try it out. It did not disappoint! You can try it out for yourself here for $18.

Favorite Music

I can tell you right now, I will always have a favorite music section in these posts because I love music. This month was very diverse for me with a mix of new releases and older favorites from my high school/college “emo” days. Lets get into some of my favorite music from August!

As always, you can find these favorites and the ones from July on my favorites page!


When I say singles right now, I mean that these are the only songs that I’ve listened to from these bands. Take a listen!


There is nothing that I love more than a great album. Albums where you can listen to the whole thing, non stop without skipping a single track. For me, there are very few albums where that happens and when it does, it is truly special.

Hozier by Hozier (2014)– I’ve loved this album since Take Me to Church crossed my radar in 2014. Hozier’s debut album does something that very few albums (I think) nowadays do: it stands out. I can’t think of a single album that sounds the way that this one does. It grabs your attention and demands that you listen to it all the way through without being pushy about it. It is soulful and brings you back in time. It is, truly, a great album.

Best Song: Take Me to Church

Listen Further: Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene, From Eden, Work Song, Cherry Wine

White Noise by PVRIS (2016)– It was completely by accident that I got a bit obsessed with this album. After seeing PVRIS at Lollapalooza in 2016, this album has slowly seemed into my day to day listening. Especially this month when it became my go to listen in the car. I couldn’t tell you why but I immediately put it on when I get into the car. Maybe becuase it is a little angry sounding and I’m surrounded by shitty drivers. Who knows. The point is that this album is fantastic. Really. Give it a listen and you’ll be scream singing in your car too.

Best Song: Mirrors

Listen Further: You and I, Smoke, My House, Holy, Fire

Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball (2016)– This is just a great indie/pop punk album. That’s all that I’ve got to say. I was making a playlist with some of my favorite pop punk bands and I honestly had to stop because I realized that I had put pretty much this entire album into the list. Oops.

Best Song: Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind

Listen Further: Note to Self, Everyday, Breathing In Stereo, What If…

Go Deeper: Tears Over Beers and See Ya, Sucker from Sports (2012); Fine, Great, Rock Bottom, and Your Graduation from You’re Gonna Miss It All (2014)

Favorite TV

Game of Thrones on HBO– By the old gods and the new, this season of Game of Thrones has been delivering week after week. It almost seems like each week is getting better too! With the show winding down (there is only one more episode of season 7 left when this post is published and then only ONE MORE SEASON!!!!) these last episodes are crucial. While we are all asking “who will finally get to sit on the iron throne”, “who will die”, and “why does HBO seem to be promoting incest????”, the show runners are getting all of our favorite living characters in place for the end. And they are doing an incredible job. Each episode is memorable and cinematically stunning each week. It feels more like watching a film than a TV show most days. If you haven’t watched this season yet, get on it!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO– HBO has been killing it lately with content. Between Game of Thrones and Last Week Tonight, sundays are the best night of the week for television. John Oliver has been exactly what everyone needs in the chaotic times of the Trump administration. Oliver sheds light on the topics that we need to be discussing, often relating to something (dumb) that the president did during the week. Just to leave you with a taste, take a look at this story done on North Korea two weeks ago.


What were your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments! See you in September!


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