Summer Dazed: Boston Bar Crawl

Nothing says summer in your twenties like hitting the city with your squad and doing a bar crawl. Okay, a lot of other things say summer in your twenties but last weekend I got to check off bar crawl from my list. The boyfriend and I headed up to Boston to meet up with some friends for the Summer Daze Bar Crawl around Boston– one of the top bar crawls in the U.S.!

IMG_6438 Now, let me just say, if you are going to go to a bar crawl make sure that you go to bed early the night before. Being up at 6:30am to leave for 8:30am for an event that starts at noon will lead to a very LONG day. A very fun but very long day. During that travel time, make sure you do two things: hydrate and nourish. Make sure you drink all of the water you can before you start drinking and make sure to fill up on whatever your go to prep food is. Once we got to Boston and after a quick family visit, Tim (my boy) and I met up with some one of my friends and a group of nine of us headed off to Fire and Ice to fill up on some rice and pasta dishes before heading to the first bar. Now, if you’ve never been to Fire and Ice, let me explain how it works. It’s kind of like a buffet mated with a hibachi grill. You go around a pick whatever you want in the form of veggies, pasta or rice, meat, spices and sauces, etc. Once you’re all set, you head on over to the huge Mongolian grill where the food gets prepared for you to enjoy. Perfect for getting a lot of food in the quickest amount of time (we were on a tiny time crunch). Once everyone was nourished and hydrated, it was time to crawl!

Screenshot 2017-07-17 at 1.46.08 PM.png

Our group quickly registered for the bar crawl at Tia’s and, since it was so busy, moved IMG_6422on to stop #2: The Landing. This ended up being the best place to start our crawl for one reason: fishbowls. The Landing offers a lot of different drinks but the most popular for this event were the fishbowls. These mixed drinks are offered in a variety of sizes including guppy (minimum 2 people) and larger, with the biggest being for over ten people. Everyone got their bowls and settled down at one of the tables to get to know each other and enjoy the first drink of the crawl. This, for me any ways, was one of my favorite bars on the crawl. Not that we got even close to going to all of the bars but out of the ones that we went to, this one was the most fun.

IMG_6441With one bar checked off, we moved on to Market for their roof deck and more drinks. After a quick laugh with the bouncer, we all grabbed our favorite drinks and beers and headed up the couple flights of stairs to the roof top of this lounge. After sweating in the sun at the first bar, sipping back cocktails and beers in this shady space was very welcome. I’ve never felt so relaxed at a bar. Ever. Plus, the bar tender on the roof had a pretty heavy hand.

After Market is when the bar crawl seemed to begin it’s early demise for us. We went to the next bar only to have them closing when we got there at 5pm (what?!). We then got lost for a little while trying to find the next two bars. One was super crowded with a long line by the time we went there so we decided to move on to Mast‘. Luck was on our side for that one since it was open and there wasn’t a line when we arrived. Although the inside was a different story, that didn’t last long as many of our fellow crawlers moved on quickly to the next bar. That meant we could get a table and a couple of $10 pizzas while we made decisions about what to do next.

With our pizzas devoured and feeling pretty good, we decided to try for one more bar. Unfortunately, the bar was already closed for the night by the time we got there. Oh well… This was about the time we started calling it quits and began our long walk back towards the Faneuil Hall and aquarium area. There’s nothing better than getting to watch the seals swim around after a long day, after all!

With the sun setting, it was time to make some moves. Do we try for the last bars or call it a night? Calling it a night was the final decision. We all headed into Quincy Market to get some food and just relax on the steps for a while. After sandwiches, chowd’ah, and some other snacks, it was time to wrap up the group part of the day. Everyone started heading home except for Tim and I, who decided to try and make it to one more bar before heading to our Air BnB. That didn’t quite work out though and we decided that sleep or at least just lying down sounded really, really good.

So how was the weekend?: Reviews

Summer Daze Bar Crawl- So, for being ranked one of the best bar crawls in the country, it was kind of lame. The fun of the day came from being around friends more than being a part of the bar crawl. This was my first one so I had nothing to compare the experience to but it just felt kind of lacking. Many of the bars closed very early (at least for the crawl) which should have been information shared with participants early and the deals for drinks were pretty much non-existent. I definitely don’t regret going and getting to spend a day drinking with friends but I could have gone without the neon orange shirts and lots of waiting in line to day drink.  3/5 stars from me.

Air BnB- So this trip was my first experience using Air BnB. My family has used Home Away for years now and have always had great experiences. With that said, I was definitely a little nervous using Air BnB. The nerves were unnecessary though as I had a great experience using this service. Our host was super responsive to all of our questions leading up to the trip and very accommodating (we checked in after 11pm… oops). The location was perfect for us and the studio apartment we rented was perfect for what we needed. The bed was super comfortable too! The whole experience gets a 4/5 stars for me. The only reason I’m not giving it a 5/5 is because we couldn’t go through the building to get to our apartment but had to go through a back alley a few minutes walk away and that was not mentioned in the description. Doesn’t really matter though.


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