Welcome to the Thought Bubble

Bought a domain? Check. Did some basic web design (kind of)? Check. Wrote an “About” page? Check. Now, there is only one thing left to do to get back into blogging: write that first post. But what to write about? All of the “professionals” via pinterest say to just dive right into whatever your blog is ultimately about. Well, that’s just it. This blog, I think anyways, is going to ultimately be about a few things. Travel, work, love, style (maybe?). I’m thinking of it more as a lifestyle blog but really, the blog that you’re on right now is probably just going to be about life. So, what should I write about in this first post?

After a lot of thinking and reading some really not that great advice from people who claim to know all about blogging, I decided to ignore all of that and come up with more of a mission statement for my first post. Just a little look into what I’m thinking this blog is going to be about. At twenty two years old, I’ve come to think of myself as someone who has had both and average and a not so average life so far and who has learned a lot. And I’m still learning. Recently, after going through a lot of feelings of being lost, I started to do a lot of self reflection. In fact, I’ve been working on a journal where that is all I do. I do two prompts of self reflection a day and then maybe some other writing on the side. May I just say, I’ve missed writing so much. I haven’t done it in months. I have another blog but I haven’t updated it in a while which lead me to try and start a new one, for good this time.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? I’ll probably do that a lot as I’m a big fan of stream of consciousness writing.

Anyways, here are just some of the things that I’m thinking about writing for this blog. Hopefully, reader, you’ll find some interest in this Life blog. As time goes along, you’ll find stories and tips that I’ve experienced and come up with after traveling. You’ll find some substitute teacher advice and maybe a couple of freebies from time to time. You’ll find some anecdotes about relationships and figuring them out as a twenty something. You’ll find some occasional reviews, recipes, photo blogs, and more– depending on how I feel. You’ll get to see some of my life and my little corner of the world. You’ll see my thought processes and, hopefully, someone will take a chance to strike up a conversation. After all, don’t most writers want the chance to have a conversation? I know I do.

So here’s the plan, at least for now. I’ll be posting new content every Saturday. There may be more, there may be less. But for now, lets start with once a week.

Happy Reading!



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