My Mental Health Journey, Part 2

A month ago, I shared my first post about my mental health journey. I talked about my struggles and how I had spent years telling myself that nothing I was going through was all that bad. That I was over exaggerating. I talked about finally talking to my doctor and getting professional help. For myself … Continue reading My Mental Health Journey, Part 2


Birthday Tag

Today was incredibly busy at work so I'm keeping things simple on the blog with a birthday tag! I found these questions on this site. Feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments! When is your birthday? Thursday, October 11th!  How old are you turning? 24... so not a big birthday but it is still … Continue reading Birthday Tag


Its finally here! After what seems like a long wait, Trench is here! Personally, I haven't been so excited about the release of an album in a while. In my first listen to Twenty One Pilots' latest release, I absolutely fell in love. The sound of this album shows so much growth for Tyler Joseph and Josh … Continue reading Trench