Dear Old Friends…

I've been thinking about this for months. My therapist asked me if I would ever consider rebuilding bridges with old friends. She asked me to consider why things fell apart and what I would say. Sometimes, seeing Facebook memories or posts on some of these people makes me think. So here I go. A letter … Continue reading Dear Old Friends…


Datebox: Nope

First of all, I've been taking a break from blogging as I'm working through some personal and mental health stuff at the moment. I'm hoping I can feel mentally well enough to get back to my normal schedule again soon. With that out of the way, let's talk about Datebox. Datebox is a subscription service … Continue reading Datebox: Nope

Colourpop Haul

After hearing them mentioned for a while, I decided to take a break from my tarte and ABH favorites and try something new: Colourpop Cosmetics. Oh. My. God. Colourpop, based out of California, is incredible. They're affordable and have some of the most incredible colors I've ever seen in a palette. I order a whole … Continue reading Colourpop Haul